Spirit Level Farm LLC is a Pasture intensive experimental farm Managed and Operated by William Carter, advised by Amanda M Carter. We are currently perfecting our pastured poultry system. Using Non GMO feed and NO antibiotics.

Do you want to be a pasture chicken farmer?

If you have the pasture we have the way. 

We have many options for you to choose from, you can purchase or lease our custom pasture pen infrastructure if you have your own customers. 

You can grow for us utilizing our network of inputs to produce good chicken for your family and our customers with little overhead. 

Consultation for your existing pasture poultry operation is available for a reasonable fee.

The Flock

  We are looking for MORE property to grow MORE chickens. If you are interested in helping with that goal and would like to have Spirit Level Farm improve your soil with our flock please email spiritlevelfarm@gmail.com. 

Are you allready a pastured chicken farmer? 

If your system is not making you any money we can help you tighten up your production with consultation services. Prices are as follows.


 Looking for meat in 2015?

We raise meat chickens in forest and on pasture in the Isothermal belt of the Appalachian Foothills. Our livestock are fed Non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) and Organic feeds.

If you are interested in purchasing retail products or sourcing conscientiously raised proteins for your business,please contact us for more information.

Next Availability: 

Chicken 11/1/15

our piggery under construction

On the night of the 5th of january the pigs had a visitor, a black bear. This rascally bugger hit the electric net fence and took down one whole side of our enclosure. We slept through the whole incident. Fortunately, for us and the pigs, no one got injured. The next morning I went out to see our friends the swine only to find the aftermath. The pigs, however, were unfazed and still within their boundaries.

If that is not a shining example of some happy and content animals, i don't know what is.  

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