The Spirit Level Farm Pasture Poultry System

Grow your own
Our pasture pen design has been put to the test and gives you the advantage over other farms.
Offering you the ability to grow more chickens with less chore time.
Less chore time means more time to expand your farming enterprise

Poultry Crate Handles
Set of 2 for easy handling of your poultry crates
Poultry Crate Sled
For easy transportation of multiple crates across the pasture
Water Adaptor
Mobile rack with pressure reducer and 4 piece manifold for automatic drinker installation
Brooder feeder
4 ft trough feeder 6" wide providing 8 linear feet of feeder space
Finish feeder
10 ft trough feeder 6" wide providing 20 linear feet of feeder space
Brooding Pen
Chick capacity - 1000
Includes : Pen Frame, Propane Lamp, Outer and inner cover, 1/8" thick curved plastic inner walls,
Inner curtain, 4 4ft feeders, Tarp clips, and 4 batch drinkers
Everything you wil need for your large batch mobile brooder
Finishing Pen
Capacity 300 - 500
Includes : Pen Frame, 4 Automatic drinkers, 6 10ft feeders, Water cooler, Cover tarp, Humane Endcaps.
Full Pen Set
Capacity per season - 8000
Includes : 1 Brooding Pen, 4 Finishing Pens, 1 Water Adaptor.
(Electric netting and poly pipe not included)
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