Dog food
Biologically Appropriate Raw Food
Also known as B.A.R.F.

True or False
Dogs cannot eat raw chicken.
If you answered FALSE you are correct.
The truth of the matter is that when chicken is cooked, the bones become bittle and will splinter making a danger for our best friends. Our dog is fed a diet of almost completely raw chicken and she is one of the healthiest pups we know. She is also not a speck over 30lbs. We have lots of leftover parts from our favorite avian enterprise that we can offer to you at an amazing price.

Pricing and avalability

Average weight of a chicken is 3 to 4 pounds. Choose how many pounds you want after you click to purchase. Orders will be filled to the nearest whole pound ordered.

3 pack of Chicken Frames
includes the back, hips, neck, and ribcage
each frame is enough for 1.5 days feed for our 30lb dog
Chicken Necks
Great as treats or supplimental diet
Chicken Feet
Rich in collagen and vitamin E
Doggie Sausage
Ground chicken with gibblets
Doggie Sausage
8 pack of 1/4 Lb links
Ground chicken with gibblets
$2.60 per Lb $2.60 per Lb $2.60 per Lb $3.10 per Lb $4.50 per Lb

Pastured Meats

Place your order now for our Non-GMO pastured chickens. To place an order, Text (919)-923-1243 or email
All farm products are available for on-farm pickup. We Deliver for an extra $25.00 per order, or set up a monthly delivery for only $15.00 per month!

Pricing and avalability

Average weight of a chicken is 3 to 4 pounds.
All of our meats are USDA inspected and approved!

Whole ChickenThighsWings and Drum-sticksBoneless Skinless Breasts
$5.25 per Lb$7.50 per Lb$6.00 per Lb$12.75 per Lb
Livers and HeartsFeetRaw Ground
Dog food
$3.55 per Lb$2.55 per Lb$3.05 per Lb$2.00 per Lb
Here are some of our happy chickens in their spacious pasture pen. They love their life and you can taste the difference.
This is 2-spots, she was supposed to be a full sized aussie shepherd. She tries really hard with her 14 inch tall self.

Poultry, pork, and other farm products will be available as the seasons present them for harvest. Additionally, we offer a variety of farm and residential services year-round.

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