Pricing and avalability
Forest Finished Pasture Pork

All of our meats are USDA inspected and approved!

Fresh Pork LoinUncured Fresh BaconLoose Sausage and Small RoastsBratwurstFat and Bones
$12.15 per Lb$12.15 per Lb$8.15 per Lb$8.65 per Lb$2.10 per Lb
Smoking and Curing classes are available!


 Well it has been too long since we came up with the idea of the media list and Well, i Guess its time i actually put something up regarding what we would suggest. 

  • Here are some movies on our queue for those who wish to know.
  1. America Freedom to Fascism
  2. The High Cost of Low Prices
  3. Food Inc.
  4. Super Size Me
  5. Gas Land

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